Preparing a Vessel for Survey

Time and additional expense can be saved by properly preparing the vessel for inspection.

Owners, sellers, or their authorized representatives (captain, broker, etc.) should make sure that the vessel is prepared for the survey with compartments unlocked, stores and excess equipment removed, and that maximum access to all areas of the vessel is provided.

 The following checklist may be helpful when making preparations:
  •  The owner or his representative has given written permission for the survey.
  •  The broker’s listing has been made available to the Surveyor.
  •  Owner’s manuals and service records are aboard.
  •  State of Registration or Federal Documentation is aboard.
  •  All safety equipment as required by the USCG (such as PFD’s, fire extinguishers, etc.) is on board.
  •  Winter covers have been removed.
  •  Keys or combinations of the locks and the ignition key are available.
  •  Batteries are charged and AC Power is available.
  •  Electronics are installed.
  •  Water tanks are sufficiently filled to test water systems.
  •  Toilets are clean and ready for use.
  •  Bilges are dry and clean and bilge pumps are operational.
  •  The owner/broker has been requested not to hose down the vessel on the day of the survey as this precludes reliable moisture meter readings.
  •  Arrangements for hauling or launching have been made with the boatyard or marina.

 Arrangements have been made for a sea trial:
  •  The vessel must be operated by the owner or his/her authorized representative
  •  The owner has the vessel adequately insured
  •  Sufficient fuel is on board to operate the vessel for at least one hour
  •  The engines are ready and fluid levels have been checked
  •  Sufficient crew is available to handle the vessel and dock lines without involving the Surveyor


Harbor Marine Consultants recommends that you forward a copy of this checklist to the Owner, Seller or authorized representative (captain, broker, etc.).